God’s grace in a scent of a flower.

Magnolia Sweet Healing came about during my own personal healing from losing yet our 4th child.  The last two children (Benedicto and Juan Diego)  where the hardest since I had to go and delivery the children but not able to take them home.   My heart and soul are heavy and sad and only God’s grace can heal it.  I was blessed by all the family and friend’s support and prayers.   I was blessed to have a faith that gives me the greatest joy of knowing that these sweet children of mine see great beauty and feel unending joy as they are in the hands of Our Lord and His Blessed Mother.    We are blessed to have given Our Lord what He has called his own.

Words can be truly a gift for those who need healing and I found those words in this precious book, After Miscarriage: A Catholic Woman’s Companion to Healing & Hope.    I have held on to this dear book as I would hold on to my mother’s hand.  Truly is a companion  to healing and hope after one losing a beloved child.

My mission is to give other mothers who are in need for those healing words this book. So that they can smell that sweet magnolia scent  as God’s grace in their lives.

Please if you would like a copy of this book, leave us a comment or email us at magnoliamiscarriageministry@gmail.com with your address . We keep all request and information confidential.

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